Get cool software features and releases out to customers faster and with less risk.

Enables organizations to deliver their cool software features and critical products updates to their clients on a frequent, and predictable cadence with low risk.

  • Allows development teams to create cutting edge features by reducing the tax and overhead that are non development related.
  • Provides intelligent, specific release management playbooks.
  • Automates the mechanics of the repeat release management tasks.

Our service provides a series of playbooks that cover the end-to-end lifecycle (i.e., from code incubation to delivery in various channels and partners) and cover main release areas.

Build and Branch Management
Driving efficient practices and scheduling, aided by automation, to produce high quality builds of your product.
Compliance and Legal Affairs
Making sure your product is well received across the globe, and squarely compliant in all regulatory matters.
Marketing and Product Planning
Preparing your product and the world to fully experience what you have to offer.
Release Mechanics
Providing expertise explicitly geared toward getting your product into the market, in the right package, the right place, and the right time.
Release Planning
Expert scoping and refining of your product to target your organization toward the best possible project outcomes
Release Testing and Sustained Engineering
Ensuring your code is well maintained to provide a successful product release, and your customers are properly supported throughout the product’s lifecycle.