With the rapid pace of technological innovation, you might find that your software or applications have become outdated, inefficient, difficult to use, costly to update and maintain or simply insufficient for your business needs. All issues which can affect performance, reliability and scalability. A more robust, modern solution may help improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiencies or allow you to expand to new markets

At Virtuosity, we specialize in modernizing your applications and integrating newer technologies. 

Migration: Simplifying the application and environment by using modern platforms and cloud-based services. Programming in new, clean code can reduce complexity, especially if past updates have been done on the fly.

  • Legacy application to .NET/Java/C#
  • Refactoring custom applications
  • Programming language migration

Re-engineering: Replacing an entire application or just certain parts to meet new business requirements. The solution may also include the addition of new features and interfaces, or integrating functionality from several existing applications into one new system.

  • Application architecture and design
  • Web interfaces and portals
  • Mobile applications